Tracy makes tutus

Having two daughters that dance (beautifully – but don’t tell them I said that!),  I find myself making dance costumes on a fairly regular basis. It’s that or go hungry.

So a year or so ago I embarked on the quest to make a classical pancake tutu. There wasn’t so much around on the web then about how to go about it, but I found a “pattern” of sorts, got chatting to the nice people at The Sewing Forum, took advice from the dance teacher, bought oodles of net took a big breath…and gathered for all I was worth!

My prototype was made from the “Wendy” pattern. I didn’t finish it at the time but I learned a lot and went on to make several that have been danced in since then. Recently a small dancer at the dance school needed a tutu and the colours of the protoype just suited her, so I got it out, fitted and finished it off. 

It is seen here being unglamourously worn by a cushion – it looks much nicer on a  real person. Wishing the dancer good luck in her festival.


4 Responses

  1. that’s GORGEOUS! good job!!

  2. Thanks Claudia.
    I’ve just heard that the dancer was awarded first place in her section at the festival – well done sweetheart!

  3. A link to the pattern you found?? Desperately searching for one myself and would really appreciate it!

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