Sew Hip Mystery Quilt 09 – Inspiration

with Permission from David Hall of

with Permission from David Hall of

With exquisite timing Issue 5 of Sew Hip magazine, with its first installment of instructions for making a mystery quilt, popped through my letter box on the SAME day that this new species of fish was announced.

I’ve been itching to make a new quilt for a while and this will be my first mystery quilt so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

The new species of fish is a type of frog fish and has been named Histiophryne psychedelica due to its amazing colouration – peach and white stripes with aqua eyes. 

The mystery quilt instructions for this month require us to find a set amount of fabric in 3 colour families, about 15-20 different fabrics in each colour.

The colours in our striking psychedelic friend reminded me of some in a quilt I’d seen by Oh fransson! And, whilst it isn’t at all subtle, I find I’m drawn to orange, blue and neutral combinations, like this one by Denyse Schmidt called “What a bunch of squares” – especially after a long Winter.

Better go and see what I have in my stash…

By this stage you may be wondering about why a fish became linked in my mind with a quilt project. Well, the fish has been described as moving along by bouncing along the sea floor on adapted fins, looking like a big beach ball which hardly sounds inconspicuous – in fact it is a bit of a mystery how it hasn’t been identified before. Ok granted, it’s a tenuous link at best, but it serves as inspiration for me anyway.

Perhaps I should’ve been a mermaid…


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