Night Shirt Confusion

NightshirtA certain amount of relief (and also possibly smugness) envelopes me when I finish a UFO*. It doesn’t happen too often, and I have more than I’d care to admit to, but last week I “found” a project I must have started 12 years or so ago. It had survived 2 house moves in that time, hidden amongst my fabric stash, although the pattern has long since gone AWOL.

There wasn’t really much to do to complete it, but there was a little bit of unpicking to do before finishing could happen – this is probably what put me off. I am the world’s biggest wimp when it comes to unpicking. Anyhow, this project deserved to be finished – it is a nightshirt for Mr Topstitched and I’d carefully monogrammed and piped the edges in red, and even matched up the horizontal lines of the plaid on the side seams.

 The confusion came when our son (aged 8 ) asked what I was doing.

“Making a nightshirt for Daddy”, says I. 

Thoughtful quietness for a while.

“What does he need one of THOSE for?”, asked the boy.

As I explained a small rueful smile spread across his face. He loves reading story books and it turned out I had said “nightshirt”, but he had heard “Knight’s shirt”…how wonderful to still live in a world where castles and dragons and knights in shining armour are more real than bedlinen.

* UnFinished Object – those projects you start but somehow put down and leave unloved and unfinished


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