I’m based in Cheshire, UK.   
I trained as a programmer, I love having fun with my three children, I adore my partner(now my husband); but mostly what I like to do is SEW.

What do I like to sew? I like almost any kind of sewing,  (except curtains…please don’t ask me to make curtains).  

I have very itchy fingers when it comes to sewing, this combined with having the attention span of a butterfly and the existence of sooo many beautiful fabrics out there means that it is hard for me to devote myself to one type of sewing. Thus I am incapable of specialising – on any one day you might find a dance costume, a corset, a quilt, a baby dress and a rag doll in various stages of completion stashed around the dining room my sewing room. There are always several morsbags waiting to be sewn (but seldom any curtains).


5 Responses

  1. Hi Tracey.

    Had a lovely look through your blog courtesy of my Yahoo search for Giesse 🙂

    can I ask you to update your link in the Sara Radford corset entry to my new website rather than the myspace? It would help with Googles for me 🙂


    • Consider it done – hope you get lots of its….but please make sure there is some fabric left for me and my mum!

  2. Hello Tracy.
    Thanks for the mention and, what a great blog!

  3. Came here thru Stitcher’s Guild. Your corset inspires me to make one for myself! Love the color. I also enjoy your writing. I enjoyed reading about your daughter’s first ponte (?) shoes. They looked beautiful. I could see this look on infant booties.


  4. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I’m so pleased it’s your favourite – that makes me feel very proud. I’d LOVE to see what fabrics you use to make it with – I always find it so interesting to see what other people choose – my colleague Amanda bamboozled me by choosing yellows and greens for her first product workshop with me – I would never have chosen yellow but I loved what she made!
    Do let me know when you’ve made one!
    x x x

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