Felty Wonky Skull Bag Crochet Pattern

Felty Wonky Skull BagWow – where did the time go? As it has been SO long since my last post I feel I should try extra hard to make it a good one…so how about a free crotchet pattern?

A few posts back I mentioned a stash of wool that I was giving to charities and good causes. I found the sheer amount of yarn overfaced some people and then others just didn’t know what they’d make using it. My response was to make up a simple sample to show what could be done with it and give away the pattern with the yarn to hopefully inspire the flashing of many hooks. 

Happily, this seemed to do the trick, I don’t have much wool left, but I do still have a crochet pattern for a bag so I thought I’d share it with you. As I was using 100% wool yarn I thought I’d have my first attempt at felting (probably should be called “fulling” if I’m being technical but I’m feeling strangely woolly today so “felting” is what I’m sticking with). On the whole I’m quite pleased with it, although I’m slightly worried that it is a wee bit addictive – I’m already looking around for other things I can knit/crochet only to then intentionally shrink!

  Wonky Skull close up



…because symmetry is so overrated don’t you think?


100g Dark double knitting yarn (approx)

100g Light double knitting yarn (approx)

4.5 mm crochet hook

2 buttons

Darning needle

If you want to felt the bag, choose yarn that has a high wool content and check the washing instructions on the label; if it says “cool wash” or “do not rub” then it probably will felt. If it is labelled “superwash” or “easy care” then it probably won’t.


 Click here to download a Word document containing the rest of the pattern:


Felty Wonky Skull Bag








This is what it looks like before it is felted – skull on the front, stripey on the back. This one shrank by about a third when it was felted but it isn’t a precise science and the amount of shrinkage will depend on a number of factors – the wool, the temperature you wash it at etc.

This bag is destined to be a Christmas present, although it might be more suitable for Halloween. If I get time before 25th December I might line it – it has a lovely thick felty feel to it but when I “tested” it by putting things inside it I did find that pointy things had a habit of sticking through, things like keys or pens. Maybe this means I didn’t “felt” it enough? Or maybe this is just what felted crochet is like? Perhaps I’d best experiment a bit more….(this is me just looking for excuses to shrink stuff – can you tell?)



 Back of bag after felting I’d love it if you decided to make one for yourself or as a gift, and I’d be delighted if you made some to raise money for a charity.  If you do, please credit me as the designer and don’t claim the design as your own, or sell it or the bags you make for personal gain.

If you have a go and get stuck just ask and I’ll try to help, or if you notice a problem with the pattern instructions then let me know and I’ll put it right as soon as I can.