Cherry Blossom Time

Cherry BlossomNot the biggest tree, not the bluest sky, not all of the blossoms are out yet – but there is still something about seeing the first cherry blossom that makes me feel very glad indeed.

allbutafewAs the nights are getting lighter it gets harder for small people to drop off to sleep. So it is also with great gladness that I’ve managed to track down a second hand copy of my very favourite story book from my childhood to share with my son at bedtime. It is a book of short stories called “All But A Few” by Joan Aiken. It is written in her quite straightforward and no nonsense style that doesn’t patronise the reader, whilst still being imaginative and fanciful. They are really magical stories to read on these early Spring evenings with the shoots and blossoms magically appearing where there were no signs of life before.

The copy I’ve got is in far from perfect condition. A previous owner has colourfully written their name on the inside cover….and “improved”┬ásome of the black and white illustrations. I would never have done this to a book when I was younger, but now it makes me smile because that reader obviously loved the stories too.

My son seems to be enjoying them, I hope they make him remember and smile when he is grown.