morsbags – make a bag make a change

morsbags was founded in January 2007 by Pol (aka Claire Morsman). The idea is that you gather together some fabric you don’t need, along with some friends you do, and make bags together – strong, reusable, recycled, beautiful morsbags. Then you can either keep your bags and use them again and again and again, or give them away to encourage other people into more sustainable bag habits (morsbags are given away for free so they really have no excuse not to use an alternative to the single use plastic ones). That’s it, simple as.

Grab yourselves a glass of wine and a cake and you have a delicious morsbag party on your hands.  

It is hard to stop at just one though, pretty soon you’ll be eyeing up the potential of your curtains as morsbag fabric, but that’s OK – hand the goodness out so other people get the message too…you mum, boss, the person next to you in the checkout who is using plastic bags like confetti, or any random person you find in the street… Mr Cameron for example.  I hope he likes that it folds up small so it will fit in a pocket, and appreciates how much more comfortable it is to carry than a plastic one when full of Marmite.

I’ve been making them for almost two years now, and encouraging and helping others to do the same…take care they are a bit addictive. But it doesn’t matter if you make 1 or 1000 – every bag helps.

You don’t need expert sewing skills – an excellent pattern and an animated guide will show you how you can make your own unique bag on  There’s a forum too for help, advice and general sociableness (not many Marmite recipes though).

The only trick is trying to remember to take them with you!